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Since 1989, Silver Sound Entertainment has offered professional DJ’s, Emcees, and Entertainment Hosts for many events throughout the Midwest. Our focus is on creating The Ultimate Entertainment Experience for the Bride and Groom at their wedding reception. We have traveled all over Minnesota from Rochester, Mankato to  Minneapolis, Saint Paul on up to Duluth and International Falls. We have made several trips into the Dakotas, Iowa and Wisconsin as well. Although Weddings are our focus, we have also entertained at thousands of corporate events, school dances, proms, birthday parties, anniversaries, private parties and more. If you are looking for an entertainment experience that specializes in making your vision becoming a reality, then you have found the right company!  Following is a video sharing a bit of our passion and four reasons why Silver Sound Entertainment.


We know what kind of effort has been put into planning any event, so we take it upon ourselves to make sure the event itself flows smoothly. We strive to be more than just a DJ and to become something greater; an Entertainment Host.  Going beyond the stereotypical DJ.  What this means is we go out of our way to accommodate and serve our Brides, Grooms, and their guests whenever we can. Think of us as your personal host at your event.


Having served 1000’s of events over the years, we have learned that it takes more than turning lights on and off and pressing play in making any event special.  We work with you to uniquely personalize your event and meet your expectations. Our DJs are professionally trained and some of the most experienced individuals in the wedding entertainment field.  Many of our DJs have gone through years of understudy in public speaking, hosting, and music mixing prior to ever being considered a Silver Sound DJ.  What separates Silver Sound Entertainment in wedding entertainment is that we focus on the quality of service rather a quantity of service.


We are redefining the entertainment experience and shattering old paradigms.  Expect a standard of excellence from our first point of contact all the way through to your event.  Where we set ourselves apart from the rest is in our experience, enthusiasm, willingness to serve, and the right amount of entertainment interaction.  When it comes to music, we do not play just anything.  We always use family friendly versions of all music styles from the oldies all the way to today’s hottest hits.  We do not take this lightly.  We deliver a service at a level of excellence that you can feel confident about.


Lets be honest, the goal of entertainment can be defined in one word – fun!  We believe we are merely the “agents of fun”! We do so with a professional and creative style by making use of tools such as speakers, lights, microphones, interaction, and props. Yet we know what the most important prop of this performance production is – you, the audience.  At the end of the night, our indication of success is when we hear, “We danced all night!”, “We had so much fun!” or “You were the best DJ I’ve ever heard!” While these kind words are music-to-our-ears, it is not that we are that great, we have just figured out how to create the ultimate experience. It is really the guests having the time of their lives that make it great!  We want you to feel confident that this will be the case at your event with our attention to customer service, up front planning, and ability to play the right music at the right time to keep the dance floor full.

Most importantly, we want you and your guests to think about nothing more but having fun at your event! Leave the details up to us.  We want everyone to leave with memories that will last a lifetime!




Since 1994, DJ Bill Lage has been creating fun, energetic and memorable events for all of his wedding receptions, school events, church events, private parties, and corporate clients throughout the United States. DJ Bill Lage specializes in high interaction events for the entire family bringing his unique show of music and fun to every event.



Sean Rumble started djing in 1986 at a teen center in Dickinson. After DJing a few high school events, was the A/V geek in high school and attended Hennipen tech college for audio visual. Started DJing in 1999 professionally and have not looked back.



DJ Ray Young

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